What are the benefits of cloud-based home builder software

22 March, 2022

More and more construction companies are adopting cloud-based home builder software for their business. This cloud-based home builder software is significantly transforming the way contractors handle their firms. While many construction companies are still struggling to adopt new technologies. Cloud adoption is assisting firms in carrying out better analysis and data collection of the project.

The construction sector is known for being slow and hesitant to accept new technology. Although digitalisation in the construction sector is still a work in progress, more construction companies are now better positioned to use technology to make money. Further, cloud-based home builder software helps construction managers with data storage facilities. BuildMacro is a cloud-based home builder software used by construction companies for better construction management and estimation. Keep reading to find out more.

What is cloud technology in construction?

The main office used to be where construction companies maintained their data, or rather the primary repository for housing information. While individuals in the office had easy access to this information, those on the job and the rest of the team did not. While the data was kept on a hard drive and the storage capacity of the hardware was restricted, not much could be done at the time. When you ran out of space, you had two choices: acquire additional storage devices or remove files.

With the introduction of cloud technology and broadband internet, you can increase the capacity of storing data and bandwidth of transferring files faster. BuildMacro being a cloud-based home builder software proposes a feature named ‘File Manager’. This feature allows you to share files with your team, subcontractors, managers, and more. It requires minimal effort and on-demand network access to share files over time with anyone you want!

Is cloud-based home builder software becoming a must-have for construction companies?

With the update in new technologies concerns about security issues are no longer at the forefront. Thus, choosing a cloud-based solution is more preferred. Many builders, contractors, and remodellers need to incorporate cloud-based home builder software; as it enables them to access data anytime and from anywhere.

It enables remote teams to work together in real-time and improves communication. Businesses may now use data to make more educated and intelligent decisions with less time spent searching for data. While many construction companies continue to operate conventionally, as projects get more complicated, cloud deployment becomes the only viable option. To stay ahead amidst this competitive market of construction firms you need to have cloud-based home builder software.

Drive better decisions and use data in a meaningful way to take on projects efficiently. BuildMacro is a cloud-based home builder software helping builders and contractors with construction cost estimation, construction management, takeoffs, payments, and much more.

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What are the advantages of cloud-based home builder software?

Here are a few benefits for builders and contractors for adopting cloud technology:

  • Increases data storage capacity: Now there’s no need to manage manual files or store data using hard drives. Simply, complete tasks and save the credentials in ‘File Manager’ provided by BuildMacro.
  • Track documents: Keep a track of accepted, proposed, and rejected documents.
  • Easy access and sharing: Share important documents and information over time using cloud-based home builder software. BuildMacro provides options for sharing files with your subcontractors, team, project managers, et cetera.
  • Strong security: You can always check – who is having access to the files. Additionally, you have all the rights whether to share access or not!
  • Helps in construction projects: Our home builder software not only helps you with the data but also offers an effective way of project management and construction cost estimation.

Overall, the cloud computing revolution is here, and if you want to be competitive and keep up with the competition, make sure you have technologies in place to assist you to improve your operations’ efficiency. To see how an integrated cloud-based home builder software like BuildMacro may benefit your company, Book a Demo!